The NC Summer Program for Kids is directed by the ADHD Clinic at UNCG
in partnership with Noble Academy, with support from Parents of Children with ADHD.

ADHD Clinic at UNCG

The ADHD Clinic at UNCG is directed by Dr. Arthur D. Anastopoulos, a nationally recognized expert in ADHD and a Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies within the School of Health and Human Services at UNCG. The mission of the ADHD Clinic is to:
  • Provide state-of-the-art mental health care services and education to students at UNCG
  • Increase understanding of ADHD through clinical research
  • Give clinical practice training to advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other healthcare professionals
The ADHD Clinic offers a full range of evidence-based assessment and treatment services for UNCG students. All clinical services are provided by licensed psychologists and by postdoctoral fellows working under the supervision of licensed psychologists.


Noble Academy

The mission of Noble Academy, founded in 1987, is to provide students with learning differences a comprehensive educational experience in a supportive environment where they can reach their highest potential. Noble Academy offers small class sizes and a traditional curriculum infused with techniques and methodology proven to be successful with students who are diagnosed with Learning Disabilities (LD) and/or ADHD. Thus, at Noble Academy, children are taught not only by reading specialists and special education teachers within their disability areas but also by content area experts, trained in working with students who have LD and/or ADHD, in science, social studies, art, drama, physical education, and various other elective classes.

Noble Academy offers a college preparatory program that serves children in grades K through 12. The goal as a special needs school is to transition students back to a more traditional settings, if appropriate. If traditional school is not the best environment for a student, Noble Academy ensures that each child’s experience will provide the rigor, strategies, and self-advocacy skills necessary for successful transitioning to college, vocational-technical school, or the world of work.


Parents of Children with ADHD

Parents of Children with ADHD (PCADHD) is a community resource group in Greensboro, North Carolina. The mission of PCADHD is to:
  • Provide education, resources and a community of support for parents, caregivers and teachers of children with ADHD
  • Disseminate accurate, up-to-date, evidence based information about ADHD
  • Be a resource for the greater Greensboro community including educators and child health care professionals
  • Promote advocacy on behalf of children with ADHD
PCADHD meets on the third Tuesday of Sept/Oct/Nov/Feb/Mar at Trinity Church, 5200 West Friendly Ave. (about 1/4 mile East of Quaker Village), Greensboro, NC 27410, in Room #10 downstairs.

Programs are geared for parents and professionals; please join us!