The NC Summer Program for Kids uses developmentally appropriate behavioral and educational techniques to address children’s learning, behavioral, social, and emotional needs. 
Each day is divided into six one-hour periods. Math, language arts, and art take place during the three morning periods, followed by lunch. During the first two afternoon periods, children learn sports skills and participate in athletic games. In the final period, children have a choice and can either continue with sports or switch to activities focusing on Legos or crafts. Short breaks and snack times are provided throughout the day. 

Recreational swimming takes place one afternoon each week at the nearby Spears YMCA. Fun field trips occur every Friday, contingent upon parental permission and satisfactory child behavior.  Last year's field trips included visits to the SciAquarium, a Grasshoppers baseball game, and bowling.
                                           Typical Day                                                             

  8:00  -   8:30


  8:30  -   8:45

Morning Meeting & Discussion

  8:55  -   9:45

 1st Academic Class (Art, Language Arts, or Math)

  9:55  -  10:10

Snack and recess

10:20  -  12:10

2nd & 3rd Academic Classes (Art/Language Arts/Math)

12:20  -  12:50


  1:00  -   2:00

Sports Skills

  2:00  -   3:00

Sports Game

  3:00  -   4:00

Choice of Legos, Crafts, or Sports

  4:30  -   5:00



The morning language arts and math classes will utilize a systematic, multi-sensory, skills appropriate approach to learning. The program’s teachers, in collaboration with the Director of Educational Programming, will develop an interactive educational experience infused with technology and focused on skill development and higher order thinking skills. During the morning session each child will also experience the arts. Based on interest, this will include opportunities to explore a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Students will be encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively to promote social skills.



In the afternoon, children will first be taught skills necessary to play sports, including kickball, basketball, soccer, flag football, and softball.  Children will then have an opportunity to use these new skills in fun game situations with other campers and the counselors. The afternoon will conclude with each child having a "choice" period, giving each child the
option of participating 
in a Legos, crafts, or extra sports session of their choice.